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Kurt Divall

Singer · Songwriter · Guitarist · Wedding Singer



I’m Kurt; a 28 Year old singer, guitarist and songwriter from Newcastle, Australia. I’ve created this website as a means to cover all of my musically related happenings. Here you’ll find links to my music, upcoming gigs/events, and information on weddings (including testimonials.)

After first picking up a guitar at the age of 7, I naturally started singing the moment I could string together a few chords. My first ever 'job' was recording in a studio as a child vocalist for children’s CD’s during my primary school years in Warrandyte, Victoria. Ever since,  I've been plying my trade through musical scholarships, bands (most recently, Vellevide) and of course; my solo project, Kurt Divall.


21 years later and music is a large part who I am. Not only is it a love of mine but it’s recently turned into a means of supporting my lifestyle; and my plan is to allow myself the time to push on, grow and expand my skills and knowledge father and farther.

2 years ago I left my job with the mindset of becoming my own boss. I hold a few strong passions in life and decided the time had come to go out on my own with the self belief that if I were to work hard enough I could turn these passions into a means of a living. One of those passions is music.

With 15 years of experience playing at events, weddings, bars, pubs, cafes, markets ect combined with the time and effort spent over the past 2 years/what's on the horizon, it’s exciting to think of what the future may hold.

It's nice to have you here; wherever in the world you may be right now and I look forward to interacting; however that may be!


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